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November 02, 2005



I have to have a word with Silk... she told me she was through cuddling gherkins. Though I am convinced this is far from the first occurence.

The Wizard

Huh??? What??? U-mmmm......





Ok trying to be mad but bwahahahaha, at least it was a gherkin and not a fraggle!


lol :o)

That's where I've been going wrong, need to get the gherkin mask!

The Wizard

What can I say....He (Will) has corrupted me now too...we were talking on the phone, a comment I said/wrote made him laugh...loudly...one thing led to another and next thing you know I was breaking out the 'ol photoshop...I felt real bad after...for a while...well...at least a minute or so.

It's all Wills fault! Truly! ;-)

You know I luv ya!


I wasn't aware there was a difference between a gherkin and a fraggle.


Nugget you come anywhere near me looking like a Gherkin and I'll sic Willard on you! If I remember right he did some fun stuff with gherkins and gun once :p

Jeffers bwahahahaha

Pete I luvs ya too...but you're still in trouble ;)


Silk, you're bwahahahaha-ing me, when you're the one with the obvious gherkin fetish? Sounds almost as bad as a certain ex of mine from upstate New York.

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