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October 28, 2005



I saw on the news the other night, that with all the bonus features, the dvd runs twice as long as it took the actual ship to sink ;)

I'm curious about the alternate ending, though. Does that mean Jack doesn't die?


I wonder if it contains the rarely heard "anti-Titanic" version of Ramstein's "Du Hast".


i've never seen that movie.


Maybe Leo kicks Kate Winslet off the door and lets her drown to save his own ass.


Kathy: Nah, actually its a bit of a let down 'alternative ending' as it just is an extra 18 minutes of modern day story following the old lady as she goes in search of the titanic in 1997. it was apparently in the original script but as it didn't really progress the story in any exciting direction they cut it out fearing people would walk out of the movie early. what, you mean to say they didn't walk out before the 5 hour mark elapsed?

jeff: you lost me at 'wonder' :P

amelie: worth a watch at least once - if the rest of us have suffered so should you! heh - go rent it tomorrow!

silk: hehe! if it was chuck norris he would have roundhouse kicked her off! heh!


you are fast becoming obsessed with old chuck. Beginning to sound like my nanna. If you say rippling pecs to me like she did I swear I'll slap you.


I think it may be a Detroit thing. One station there (which now has become all hip-hop and R&B as opposed to Alternative and New Rock... bleh) that was notorious for changing versions of songs. So they took the song Du Hast, and mixed in all the tragic sound bytes from Titanic (like Kate Winslet repeating... everyone on the ship is going to die... die... die...).

It was amusing. Well, in a warped sort of way.



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